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If you’re looking to expand your knowledge of Asian cuisine, tteokbokki is a great place to start. Tteokbokki is a Korean stir fried rice cake dish made with garae-tteok, or long cylinder rice cakes, called tteokmyeon, or tteokbokki-tteok (rice cake noodles), and has been a staple in Korean cuisine since the 19th century. Today, there are a number of different variations of the beloved Korean dish, including curry-tteokbokki, seafood-tteokbokki, rose-tteokbokki, cheese-tteokbokki, and more, so if you want to learn more about tteokbokki and find the dish that works best for you, keep reading on.

No summer is complete without a classic backyard party, filled with friends, family, and food, but sometimes, the menu at these parties can start to get repetitive. Luckily for you, Korean barbecue is super easy to make at home, especially if you’ve already got some grill skills under your belt. Read on Bokksu Grocery!
Whether you are a long-time lover of sushi or just warming up your palette, this crunchy sushi roll will not disappoint! For starters, this sushi roll recipe does not include any raw fish, so it’s the perfect introduction to sushi if you are a little hesitant about trying sushi. Read more at Bokksu Grocery!
Calamansi is a citrus fruit that’s often used in Filipino food. This citrus fruit is considered a Philippine lime and packs a big punch of flavor. One mention of this fruit, and you know you’re in for a great meal! Read more at Bokksu Grocery!
If you’re a soup lover, you’ll definitely want to know about sinigang. Sinigang is a traditional Filipino soup or stew that boasts a sour flavor palate and can be made with a number of different ingredients. For a rundown on everything you need to know about this beloved Filipino food, keep reading on! 
Have you packed or received a homemade bento before? Pack this tonkatsu bento for yourself or a special someone for your next outing! Today, we are packing a tonkatsu bento with onigiri (seasoned rice balls), tamagoyaki, and veggies. Read more at Bokksu Grocery!

Have you ever eaten at a Thai restaurant and wondered what the thick red/yellow sauce with red flakes is? That's sweet chili sauce, and it's the perfect condiment for everything from dipping to marinades and more. In Thailand, this sauce is called nam chim kai. It adds a delicious sweet, spicy flavor to dishes.

Intrigued? Read on at Bokksu Grocery for more information about this tasty condiment. After reading through, you'll want to put this spicy sweet and sour sauce on everything (we promise)!

If you’re looking to improve your Asian cooking skills, then you’re definitely going to want to stock your spice pantry with some gochugaru! If you don’t know what gochugaru is, I’ll give you a hint: in Korean, gochu means “chili pepper” and garu means “powder.” That’s right – it’s chili powder! Made from dried chili peppers that have been deseeded, gochugaru spices have a fiery red hue and can range from mildly to very hot. Gochugaru is an undeniable staple in Korean cuisine, so If adding gochugaru to your arsenal of spices sounds up your alley, keep reading on.
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Kimchi is a condiment that starts with a delicious mixture of vegetables like napa cabbage and daikon radish. Looking for inspiration for kimchi recipe options? Head to Bokksu Grocery, an online market for Asian grocery items. Try some new Asian snacks and sweets with the opportunity to order groceries online easily.
Imagine you're enjoying a delicious bowl of rice with chicken. Or, perhaps, you've prepared a tasty bowl of ramen soup. Something's missing; could it be Lao Gan Ma Chili Crisp? This yummy spicy condiment is the perfect addition to any Asian-inspired dish. It adds the perfect amount of heat with each spoonful you add. Find chili crisp, chili oil, and all your Asian grocery staples at Bokksu Grocery! Bokksu makes it easy to order groceries online for convenient delivery right to your door. Whether you’re looking for Chinese grocery items, Japanese, or Korean options, Bokksu has it all!

Japchae is a Korean stir-fry of glass noodles (made from sweet potato starch) and vegetables.  The word “japchae” literally means “mixture of vegetables.”  It is often served as a side dish (“banchan”) but can be repurposed as a main dish, such as this recipe.  In modern times it is commonly cooked with beef.  At the time of its creation, however, it is thought that it contained just vegetables.  Feel free to add a protein to this recipe if you would like!  As a meat alternative, I added strips of seasoned fried bean curd.  It is thought that Japchae was invented by one of King Gwangaegun’s subjects in the Choson period, in honor of a royal celebration. Read more at Bokksu Grocery!