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Fish sauce: it’s more versatile than you’d think. Fish sauce is a staple seasoning used in East Asian and South Asian cuisine, and can be used in all sorts of ways – as a vinaigrette, a marinade, in soups, in stir-fries, in braised meats, and even in yogurt dips. If you want a rundown on why fish sauce should be a must have in your kitchen, keep reading on.

It’s time to take your meals to the next level with hoisin sauce. Hoisin sauce is a must-have for foodies everywhere, due to the fact that it has many different uses and purposes. To learn more about this Chinese condiment, keep reading on.

This soothing Vietnamese noodle soup always hits the spot!  Pho is a Vietnamese noodle dish that typically contains broth, rice noodles, herbs, and meat (usually beef).  This meat-free version draws upon the rich flavors of Kikkoman soy sauce and cooked shiitake mushrooms to add a temptingly rich quality.  Pho originated in northern Vietnam during the early 20th century.  Today, pho from northern and southern Vietnam differ in noodle width, broth flavoring, and herbs used. Read more at Bokksu Grocery! 

If you’re a Korean food-lover, then you’re definitely familiar with gochujang. Gochujang, or red chili paste, is a fermented condiment with a sweet, savory, and spicy flavor palate. Gochujang is made with gochu-garu (chili powder), a type of rice grown in Southeast and East Asia called glutinous rice,meju(fermented soybean) powder,yeotgireum(barley malt powder), and salt. Gochujang is an incredibly versatile condiment, due to the fact that it contains so many flavors and can be used in a number of different dishes. For a full breakdown of the popular Korean condiment, keep reading on!

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Pad Thai is a stir fry dish consisting of flat rice noodles, a protein such as shrimp, chicken, or tofu, with bean sprouts, peanuts, scrambled egg, and a special blend of ingredients to create a sweet and sour sauce.  Authentic Pad Thai typically contains tamarind, but this recipe uses a blend of oyster sauce, soy sauce, cooking sake, and peanut butter to achieve a deliciously funky, umami taste.  You can also consider adding a pinch of brown sugar to your Pad Thai Sauce if you prefer a sweeter flavor profile. Read more at Bokksu Grocery! 

Sink your teeth into this breakfast delicacy from Nagoya, Japan!  Ogura Toast is a thick-cut (atsugiri) style toast that is topped with sweet red beans and butter.  Start your day with an alluring blend of fluffy shokupan bread, smothered in ogura an (mashed sweetened red beans that have more definition than tsubu an) and topped with a perfect piece of butter and homemade matcha whipped cream. Read more at Bokksu Grocery! 

Are you familiar with the savory, chewy skewered dumplings called Mitarashi Dango? Mitarashi Dango are a variety of wagashi, or traditional Japanese confection.  They have a similar chewy texture to mochi.  However, they are actually made from a combination of different flours instead of steamed rice.  They typically consist of round dumpling balls, served in sets of 3 to 5 per skewer.  They are coated in a savory-sweet soy sauce glaze with an enticing and light umami flavor profile.  While you can roll the dumpling dough into small balls (around the size of a nickel), in this recipe we suggest cutting heart-shaped dumplings out of the dough with a cookie cutter as a kawaii alternative. Read more at Bokksu Grocery! 

Coffee makes the world go ‘round, and what better way to celebrate that than to stock up on some international coffee delights? The following Japanese and Vietnamese coffees from Bokksu Grocery are a great way to start your day, and keep you inspired all day long. For more information, keep reading at Bokksu Grocery!
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“What is kombu?” you ask. Well, we reply, kombu is an edible kelp and one of just two ingredients needed to make Japanese soup stock, or dashi. Dashi is famously the base of miso soup, but it’s also used to simmer many a dish. The famed Kansai okonomiyaki and takoyaki contain some dashi in their batter. Read more at Bokksu Grocery! 

Doubanjiang, also known as Chinese chili bean paste or toban djan, is a delicious condiment with many uses. This paste has been in use since 1666. Some refer to Doubanjiang as the "soul of Sichuan cooking." Not sure what you can do with Doubanjiang or what it is? Read more at Bokksu Grocery!
Hungry, but don’t have ingredients or the time to cook? Looking for something proteinaceous but light? Hiyayakko, or chilled tofu, may just be your new favorite dish. All you need are fresh green onions and a few pantry staples.
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Did you know that there are so many different ways to upgrade everyone’s favorite quick and easy meal, ramen noodles? Thanks to Bokksu Grocery, it’s true! At Bokksu Grocery, there are so many great ingredients, add-ins, and extras to choose from!