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If you think you've had the best mayo already but haven't tried Kewpie mayo yet, you're missing out! This delicious Japanese mayo is richer, creamier, and oh-so-tasty. Its versatility in recipes makes it stand out above all other mayo options. So, what exactly is this delicious condiment, and what makes it so special? Read more at Bokksu Grocery! 
It goes without saying that Ramen gets all the attention in the noodle soup world, but in my opinion udon deserves a spot to shine on the podium! Did you know that there are at least 11 types of udon served in different regions of Japan? They range from different thickness, shapes, and even incorporating potato starch into the wheat flour mix! The history of Udon is just as complex and rooted in centuries of Japanese culture. To make restaurant-like udon can sound very daunting, but today I am sharing a Udon Noodle Soup Hack using Myojo Tokusen Udon, Cook Do Beef & Pepper Stir Fry Sauce, and Dynasty Sliced Bamboo shoots. This combination will bring out so much flavors and crunch you’d think you’re sitting inside a Udon restaurant and will leave you smacking your lips for more. And hey, the weather is getting chilly and this udon soup is the answer to a warm belly and soul. Enjoy! Read more at Bokksu Grocery!

Till this day the sight of this dessert will always remind me of the Japanese anime Doraemon, and I can't help myself but hum the tune of the show (AN AN AN tottemo daissuki DORAEMON). The Dorayaki is pretty much a pancake sandwich where semi-sweet red bean paste (Ogura) is generously spread in between two 3” sized honey pancakes. Nowadays you can find different types of fillings inside the Dorayaki like custard, chestnuts, and even fruits. In this version I simplified the process by using pre-made pancake mix and put a twist of flavor by incorporating Matcha powder and Ricotta cheese. What’s great about these little snacks is you can quadruple the recipe below, wrap the finished Dorayakis in plastic and store them in the freezer for a month! Read more at Bokksu Grocery! 

If you've ever eaten any delicious Japanese soups like udon, ramen, miso soup, and soba, you've likely had Japanese dashi. This popular soup broth is the base for many Japanese-style soups that have been served in Japan and worldwide.

There are times when a craving for spicy noodle soup appears; what do you reach for? How about Korean ramyun, otherwise known as Korean Ramyun? This delicious soup offers a spicy broth and soft noodles that will hit the spot every time. Read more at Bokksu Grocery! 

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Are you looking for the perfect comfort food to warm and inspire you as autumn days get chillier? Try making simple and soothing Japanese Cream Stew. This dish is an example of yōshoku, a Japanese adaptation of a food that originated in the West. Read more at Bokksu Grocery!

Everywhere you turn in Japan, you run into anko. Anko () is a red bean paste made from azuki (also spelled adzuki) beans that are mashed and sweetened with sugar or honey. An means bean jam and ko means child, but it’s also a term of endearment. Anko truly is a darling little paste. If you are a fan of Asian or Japanese food, you will notice that it is ubiquitous in Japanese cuisine. And, honestly, everyone becomes an anko convert sooner or later. One taste of the sweet, coffee colored, only slightly legumey paste and you’ll come to love it too!


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Unadon, or eel over rice, is a deliciously sweet special dish. In Japan, unagi (eel) is a kind of delicacy served in the summer. Though it’s not served ceremonially, the dish can get expensive. Luckily for us, eel is a bit more plentiful abroad, and can be found frozen in Japanese grocery stores. First-timers, please eat carefully. These are bony animals! The meat is worth the work, though: tender, sweet, and flaky. Served with unagi sauce? The umami-sweet is strong. Tradition says that the dish will fortify the diner, as well. Step out of your comfort zone and give it a go! It’s actually pretty easy to make a full Japanese lunch of it. Read more at Bokksu Grocery! 

If you’re hungry without a plan, if you have too much left-over rice in the fridge and just about anything else, it’s probably going to be a fried rice night. Thank yourself for the opportunity! Not only is fried rice quick, it’s easily adaptable to whatever food you have in your fridge, and it’s super delicious. We’ve put together one suggested combo, but feel free to adapt based on what you’ve got in your kitchen! This shrimp fried rice was based on what was in the freezer (some shrimp and mixed vegetables). Luckily, we had an onion, some scallions, and an egg or two to really make a meal of it. This version served two.

There’s nothing better than brand new items to try – especially if those items consist of tasty food, drinks, and kitchen essentials. With a constant number of new arrivals offered on Bokksu Grocery, it can be easy to miss all the fantastic available items. Here are a few favorites in the new arrivals category that you need to try - read more at Bokksu Grocery! 

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If you’re seeking a filling comfort food feast, fast, look no further than Japanese Curry Rice!  Japanese curry rice (pronounced karē raiusu) has a signature sweet flavor, in contrast with some of the other curry dishes from around the world.  It is an example of yōshoku cuisine, an adopted food from the west that has evolved to become uniquely Japanese. Read more at Bokksu Grocery! 

If you’re an avid sushi lover, nori sushi rolls will typically come to mind when considering which types of seaweed are edible. While nori is a popular type of seaweed and is available in many forms, there are other edible varieties often sold at health food stores. A few of the most popular varieties include nori, wakame, sea lettuce, kombu, umibudo, and hijiki. Most types are consumed roasted, though umibudo can be eaten raw. With nori and wakame being in such high demand, it only makes sense to explore these varieties further, from the taste differences to ways to use them in the kitchen.

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